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Version 21 of Sword Coast Stratagems II released

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Version 21 is now out, featuring two new translations and a variety of tweaks and bugfixes.


Here's the changelog:


New or heavily modified content

  • Updated French translation, by Mornagest.
  • Updated Russian translation, by Prowler.

Minor tweaks, optimisations, and additions

  • Updated ToBEx to version 23. This should fix a variety of glitches, notably with some death animations.
  • Following suggestions by polytope, slightly tweaked the targetting on fighter HLA use.
  • We now experiment with spacing out use of Timestops a bit.
  • We make some attempt to react to offscreen casting of disabling spells (following suggestion by Topos).


  • Beholders with vanilla-game antimagic rays now use them. (Thanks to Topos for spotting this.)
  • The "golem" defending the door out of the underdark is only affected by Improved Golems if it actually is a golem. (It's turned into a golem by the Improved Drow City component, but Improved Golems was affecting it even if this component wasn't installed.) Thanks to Wisp for spotting this.
  • The "summon elemental prince" spells in Smarter Priests are no longer being corrupted. (Thanks to Wisp for picking this up.)
  • In the improved Abazigal's lair, black dragon immunities weren't working properly due to a typo, and lizard man shamans weren't being correctly flagged as cleric/mages. (Thanks, Ardanis.)
  • The hidden fiends in Sendai's lair are now correctly taken from Smarter Fiends' list of modified fiends. (Thanks, Ardanis.)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in the English translation files, identified by hook71.
  • Melissan's blade barrier is now affected by the party-friendly blade barrier component.
  • Corrected a typo in the "improve reputation" part of the auto-installer. (Thanks to phuongww11 for catching this.)
  • Fixed a bug in the Improved Vampires script that was preventing them from shapeshifting into rat form.
  • In some circumstances, vampires were trying to trigger various animations in mist form (and so crashing the game); hopefully they no longer do.
  • "Improved Vampires" now tightens up the logic of the Sime/Saemon autosave on arriving at Spellhold. (This isn't directly anything to do with SCSII, but it's made more visible by Improved Vampires.)
  • Haegan no longer sits around like an idiot. (Subtle interaction of new and old code... I really need to recode this thing.)
  • We now systematically enforce the requirement that the Initialise component is installed; allowing it not to be causes instabilities when it's uninstalled. (Power users can disable this by putting "dw#AIsetup.mrk" in the override... but, as Weimer used to say, Don't Do This.)
  • Liches no longer cast Minor Globe (thanks to Topos for catching this).

Compatibility fixes

  • Fixed a typo in scsii.ini that was breaking SR compatibility.
  • "Improved proficiencies for fighters" component now skips any fighter with a corrupt Effects offset. (This was breaking compatibility with Amber, in which M#YCLBM1.cre is corrupt).
  • Added a couple more checks for corrupt files in patch-everything components.
  • Spell Revisions' "Summon Shadow" and "Create Undead" spells were being confused with each other by the spell autoselector in "Smarter Mages".
  • We now enforce the requirement that aTweaks "Smarter Fiends" is installed afterSCSII.
  • Move-Boo components are now properly synchronised across SCS and SCSII.

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The archive for the Mac OS X version extracts only one file, vampire.tph, and isn't recognized by the usual archive expansion/extraction software that handled all versions prior to v.21. How may I download the entire mod?

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I've just checked it: it downlads and opens fine with WINRAR, which is the program I've always used to handle it. Try downloading it again; if that fails, maybe something's wrong with your extractor program.


Every time I download it, I get the same result. StuffIt Expander 9.0.1 can't open the archive, and UnRarX 2.2 sees no items to extract. Neither extractor program has problems with any other file.

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The archive may be in a version of RAR your software can't handle (there have been revisions and new versions released over the years). Assuming you can't upgrade your software to more recent versions, you can probably use the linux distribution. The only differences between the latter and the OSX version is the command file, the WeiDU binary and the autoinstall tp2 file, and the former two are not difficult to obtain elsewhere.

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Downloaded a third time, and this time the archive extracts as it should. I noticed that there are two postings on this site for the d/l, one slightly more recent than the other, so I went for the more recent of the two, and all is well.

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SI:Abj never protected you from anti-magic-protection spells - it protects you from Remove Magic but not Secret Word etc. That's vanilla-game behaviour and SCS doesn't change it other than changing Breach to be blocked by SI:Abj.

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