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LevelParty trigger clarification


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Kinda word of god as this came from a BGEE developer:


I checked http://iesdp.gibberl...bg2triggers.htm, and had a look at the LevelParty trigger.


I think that description is wrong.

The game gets the max level for each of your characters(dual/multi class chars contribute only the highest of their classes), and then divides that number by the number of characters in your party. It then compares it to the argument to LevelParty()


So LevelParty(8) for a party of Fighter:6, Mage/Thief:4/5 and Cleric: 5

will look something like

(6 + 5 + 5)/3 = 5


return 5 == 8


So, it is average party level and not maximum party level.

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