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Trying to reduce lag in my game


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Hi, I realize that this is a much-posted topic but I am still experiencing some lag in my BG that I cannot resolve. I have followed as many guides as I can think and have installed pretty much 'by the book' if a book exists for this sort of thing! The lag is not too severe... just enough to make it extremely annoying and is mostly obvious when clicking on items in the inventory. The lag shows up regardless of where I am in the game (same lag with 1 item in my inventory)


First my computer stats:

Laptop - HP 200 Notebook PC

Windows 7 64 bit

Processor AMD C-50 (2-CPUS) ~ 1.0 GHz

2 gigs ram

DX v 11

AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics

1 G ram for V card

Realtek HD Audio card


I am running the 'Big world' megamod with about %40 of all possible mods installed. I am running BWP tactical version. I followed to a T the following install guide http://www.shsforums.net/topic/53390-how-to-install-bwp-for-newbies-and-up/ which gets mod install order from http://kerzenburg.baldurs-gate.eu/bwpmods.php.


I have installed the game in non-program files directory (c:\bwp\...) and have installed Generalized biffing to reduce overide folder size. I have followed the guide at http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=15825&st=0&p=135121&hl=lag&fromsearch=1entry135121 to attempt to reduce lag and in addition have tried the following things:


1. Set affinity and priority for running balurs gate

2. Running in compatibility mode of xp service pack 3

3. Disabling almost every option I can find regarding ambient sounds

4. Tried playing in lowest resolution


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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heh, my big mod installation was lagging even on core duo 3 GHz and gtx260, lol


with this processor that you have i think you already did a pretty good job reducing lag


do you have some funky UI mods installed?? or maybe it's some antivirus like kaspersky for example eating out your ram?



/sry for my english/

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Don't install BWP. It's obviously very heavy on the system.

errh, not quite.

It's already been established (perhaps it's too early to say "proven") that hardware specs have little or nothing to do with game lag--neither reducing OR increasing it.




First, I hope you opened a discussion on SHS requesting assistance--in the Mega Mod forum. That's the best place to report this.

In fact, I'm not sure why you're reporting this issue here... Anyway--


I don't know if a dedicated discussion about stuttering/lagging has been created--be sure to search that forum first if there has.


2nd: Are you using TobEx 0.24 or higher? That version is supposed to incorporate Suslik's stuttering solution.


Good luck.

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Well, the more mods installed, the more your computer has to process, and the higher risk of bugs in the game.

But if we're talking about a general lag in BG, I experience it on one of my laptops as well. I find that reducing the path search nodes helps significantly. Sure, it makes the characters "stupider", but it works. Better than, say, reducting resolution or GFX/sound options.


It's silly that any of my newer games have no issues on any of my systems, though BG and BG2 have lag on one of my laptops, while it plays more advanced games better.

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