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New Icons!


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Demi's asked me to make some icons for KR, I'm going to start with Archer's called shot, which is going to use a spell immunity style menu. So we need new icons for the various targets that the archer can call.

First things first, what is this supposed to be: post-4292-0-85139000-1342194883.png This is of course the called shot icon and I'd hope to utilise it in some way. But first I need to understand what it is. Am I missing something obvious? To me it's kind of a bow and arrow, maybe a mouth, but not really.


Any thoughts?

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You're anticipating things I still haven't even mentioned in the "workroom". :D Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what that icon is, but I think it should stay the same because the portrait icon for Called Shot is that one, and afaik we cannot replace it (can we?).


What instead would be welcomed is new icons for Called Shot's sub-spells. I'm not 100% sure which Called Shots will be implemented in the final release but I was going to suggest the following for a start:

1) easy arm hit - Sunder - reduced thaco and/or AC

2) easy leg hit - Hamstring - reduced movement rate

3) hard arm hit - Disarm - target apr set to 0 for a limited time

4) hard leg hit - Trip/Knockdown -target is knocked prone for 1 round

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My apologies Demi for jumping the gun, I guess this thread doubles as a leaks thread now (gibberleaks?) Anyway, I didn't mean to suggest changing the original icon, just use it somehow for the new ones as you suggested.

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@Pacek, are you still around and willing to help us? :) If yes I still need 2-3 icons for Fighter's Called Shots. For the first version I only need the two arm/disarm, leg/trip variants, but sooner or later I'll almost surely add vitals/sunder option too.

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Great!!! If you still have it and it may reduce your work I'm really fine with what you posted in the 5th post of this topic, just make a leg version of it and we're done for a first release. Nothing prevents you from working on those icons later on and send me improved versions for future releases if you wish so. ;)

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Well, for the stances I'm relatively fine with the current bams (borrowed from Blade's Offensive/Defensive Spins). Unique ones would be cool, but when it comes to portrait icons (stances really need them) I would still have to use the ones I'm using now, so I fear you'd be wasting your time. :(


Short story, unless we want to do some heavy work and hack our way into small portrait icons (which have a limited allowed #), I really don't need too many custom icons for KR. Otoh, SR V4 will if indeed need new icons (for all the new spells) if you're willing to help on those. :)


I really need:

- new Called Shots icons (aka Disarm, Trip Sundering variants) to allow quick selection in the sub-menu


We might think about:

- Disruptive Strike (though I can probably live with pre-existing ones such as Breach)

- Inner Focus (I'm using Spell Shield bam, but a new icon would be cool - for the portrait I'm using the standard "shielded" bam used by a bunch of other spells/abilities, and we cannot change it)

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