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GemRB 0.7.1 released! (Feat of feats edition)

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The GemRB team is proud to announce a new (minor) release.


It has been a good half year since the last release, but we were not slacking off... the whole time. :) While the android SDL2 situation is still unfavourable, the engine continues to mature. This time much of the effort was spent in adding missing iwd2 functionality like feats and subtle rule differences. Besides the usual cohort of bugfixes, this release also brings automatic logging to a GemRB.log file (under GamePath, CachePath, /tmp or none in that order) and a VLC plugin for the few unlucky players with game video in non-MVE/BIK format.


Currently only the sources are available. You can get them from here. ETA for binary builds is unknown. If anyone can provide them, they are more than welcome!


Full changelog digest:

GemRB V0.7.1 (2012-07-15):
 New features:
- almost all iwd2 feats
- encumbrance penalties in movement
- configurable xp/damage adjustments per difficulty level
- support for logging to file directly
- iwd2 armor penalty and critical hit multiplier
- beginnings of iwd2 spellbook support
- vlc plugin for extra video formats

 Improved features:
- (iwd2) effects, actions, combat, action bar, infravision
- sdl renderer and an initial sdl2 port
- config loading, logging
- cocoa wrapper and mac build, cursor handling, touch input
- bugfixes

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In BG2 it is already performing much like a version 0.95, it only needs occasional use of the console to correct the absence of some character or other.

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When will it support multi-byte encoding?


I wouldnt count on it happening for a while; unless somebody volunteers for it.


I cant even remember what needs to be done for it to work. I seem to have lost my notes on the matter.


I thought that using the TTF plugin, changing the encoding for dialog.tlk (to unicode), and altering fonts.2da would have worked, but I can't remember.

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Anyone had time to build an iOS binary of 0.7.1?


ive been lazy. sorta forgot about setting up the new buildbot. ive done a great job of fixing up the project so it should build out of the box for anybody with xcode and a dev cert (if you dont have a cert you will have to make a self signed one first)

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I suggest you use the git version. Unfortunately, this release has a significant regression present. We'll probably make another release around the end of the month.

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