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Statistics Revision.


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Hello. This is my another suggestions for KR.


As Demi mentioned about Saving Throw Revisions, the bonuses of 6 Statistics, STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA, need to be revised slightly. That is, in vanilla, STR bonuses (THAC0 and damage) are too much comparing with the other statistics bonuses imo.


For example, 25 STR gives +7 THAC0 and +14 dmg though 25 DEX provides +5 THAC0 bonus and -6 AC bonus only. Yes, I know higher DEX gives not only AC/THAC0 of ranged weapon bonuses but also thieving abilities' bonuses. But this points become low at higher DEX to 3 from 5.


And Charisma is the worst statistics for any character in the aspect of combat. I don't know whether it is implementable or not but if it can, How about giving Charisma additional spell casting bonuses for Socerers (and Bards) as 3rd edition rule?

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I discussed these with Arda ages ago. Somewhere I have STR, DEX and CON tables which I think would improve their impact and the importance of each stat value. I'll search them and post here asap.


When it comes to INT, and CHA instead there's very very little we can do. At least WIS provides additional divine spell slots, but it's kinda limited too. IR makes INT a slightly more important value for rogues because it allows them to use wands, and in the future KR's rogues will use it to determine if they can read scrolls too. Unless BGEE or ToBEx adds new options we can do almost nothing on this matter, it's all hardcoded.


It would be cool instead to add here and there stat-related dialog options (a la aVENGER's Cyric Encounter), but I surely wouldn't hold my breath for such a huge work (aka Quest Revisions).

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