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Regenerating Irenicus in hell-help


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First of all, thanks for this mod. I really cant see how the game could be played without it, makes everything more real. Enemies know their spells and tactics, which puts the player on his toes in battle, not just yawning and clicking attack with the entire party(most battles without this mod).

I am fighting Irenicus in hell-not improved, only smarter. I killed his demon dudes, removed his magic resistance and buffs. He is now ripe for the picking. Only thing is- he regenerates very very fast. to the point of healing his entire hp amount in 1-2 seconds. Killing him in melee is thus impossible. I tried nuking him with a volley of timestops and damaging spells(wiltings and such) to kill him in one blow, I got to near death, and didnt make the kill(he regenerated to uninjured a second later). I guess I could succeed eventually this way, but my reload button is getting way too much use...Any way to stop this wolverine?

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Well I did it with the timestop volley. many skulltraps and wiltings. I thought, hey, I will just cast globe of inv. with Nalia and make him chase me, then bombard him. Problem is, duration still expires during timestops, and I panicked for a second that I will have to restart everything(happened to me once before) because if you die in hell and kill him, you dont get your stuff back. But I paused a second before the skull traps hit and gave Nalia's stuff to the rest of the party. She died of course, but that does not matter. I didn't have crit strike, I just earned my first fighter HLA round that time. I really don't see how energy blades will work, my fighters dealt 35 damage per hit and had many attacks. I doubt a 10 damage many strike attack will do. But I didn't try...

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energy blades are like melf meteors on steroids + imp. haste. double damage, double attack rate, double to hit bonus...debuff and kill like everything, even the hapless baboon aka Demogorgon. works best when active on two or three party members at the same time.


spell duration is kinda short though

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