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Divine Remix Mod Defensive Harmony


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I have the mod installed and i am loving it. excpet for the simple fact that one of the most useful preist spells has disapeared!!!! I am a beserker/cleric duelclassed human (lvl 9 b lvl 10 c) and i don't have DF! Neither does viconia but is that because of her being a shar preistess? and Aerie dosn't have it either? Wtf is going on? Both my and Aerie are true class which from what i heard can learn anything. though we are only up to lvl 5 spells so if you made them lvl 6 then plz just tell me.

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Defensive Harmony is available to those who have major access to the law sphere.


Trueclass clerics have major access to the spheres of all, charm, combat, creation, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, protection, and summoning and minor access to the spheres of elemental (earth) and elemental (water).


Apparently the only kits that have major access to the law sphere are Painbearer of Ilmater and Holy Strategist of the Red Knight.

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