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Help regarding the Aerie/Haer'dalis romance


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So I just started my yearly re-install of BG 2 and I wanted to see how the Aerie Haer'dalis romance rival path plays out.


I installed the tweak pack, but discovered to my dismay from searching the forum that the happy patch kills the Haer'Dalis rivalry. Further searching revealed that in the most recent upgrade the happy patch has been separated from the Haer'dalis romance patch. So I installed the happy patch, but did not install the patch that stops the Aerie Haer'dalis romance from starting.


I've run into a bit of a snag though, I've been using shadowkeeper to run down the clock on the Haer'dalis romance timer, but he won't say any more after a certain stage. Specifically the conversation he has with Aerie where he goes off script and confesses his love for her.


I thought to myself, maybe the Aerie romance needs to be advanced, so I ran down the clock on that as well, but all that does is it makes her dump Haer'Dalis once she gets to a certain point.


So the question is this, am I messing up the romance by:


1.) Shadowkeeper shennanigans? In which case what are the variables that I need to pay attention to?

2.) The BG tweak pack. (Also, if I had mistakenly installed the Aerie/Haer'dalis romance doesn't start patch, can I uninstall it and go back to before I recruited him to see how the rivalry turns out?)


Thanks ever so much for the help.



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