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No Rest Needed Mod Idea


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I was thinking about how I am a weird player and don't like resting, but I get annoyed while trying to conserve my spells. So I wondered about maybe a mod that refreshes your spells after each battle? Maybe executed by some sort of perpetual contingency aura that casts wish rest when no enemies are around or something, I dunno.


Would this be a good way to eliminate resting, both from a fairness standpoint and a programming standpoint? I don't know much about modding muh less on a Mac but something like this can't be too hard to pull, so I'll do it when I can. Comments? Is there something already like this?

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I am pretty sure the dreams in BG2 are triggered by actually resting regularly in-game - so you wouldn't be able to advance the game. Banters for many NPCs, too, but some folks don't like the talking anyways - the dream stuff, though.


Setting a script or cutscene up that rests each player without triggering the movie is realtively easy; berelinde has a set of cutscenes that do it. With the "resting" movie line cut out, it would go


/* stolen from berelinde's b!rest3.baf - DUNGEON - cutscene "rest" that runs after a night talk, preventing dreams or other rest banters from kicking in when the usual RestParty() events aren't wanted */



and then set it to a hotkey to run. It might need tinkering with removal of the cutscene stuff or addition of StartCutSceneMode() in the hotkey assignment, but its' basically done.


But like I said, not resting in the game via the regular button will stall your game, and never let some content play.

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