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Do SCS Mages use Spell Thrust?


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I have not seen them use it so far. If the player is protected by SI:A and SI: D, then Spell Thrust is called for since the AI can then follow up with either Remove Magic or True Sight. Without Spell Thrust, SI:A, SI: D, Spell Deflection, and II is hard to beat when cast by the player.


The optimal behavior of the SCS AI is probably going to depend on what the installed power level of Spell Thrust is, however.


In vanilla it is 4 (removes mGOI but is blocked by GOI).

In Fixpack through v9 it was changed to zero (ignores GOI and removes all Spell protections under L5).

In Fixpack v10b they are restoring Power Level 4, and changing Secret Word PL to 5 (not blocked by GOI and removes GOI).

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