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Video glitch on Android (Galaxy S2)


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I searched the forum but couldn't find a solution that was presented to this problem. If I missed it somewhere, a simply link would be great.


Anyway, I installed GemRB on my Galaxy S2 along with Baldur's Gate 1. I don't have the expansion, so I couldn't install the Widescreen mod. The game starts fine but the display is all messed up. As someone else described it, the screen is divided up into different section. When you tap an area, it kind of "zooms in" or gets larger, while the sections around it all get squashed. It's almost like a funky fish eye effect.


I thought maybe it was just that game, so I uninstalled everything, and reinstalled with IceWind Dale. Again, I don't have the expansion for this game, so no Widescreen mod and maybe that makes the difference. I own these games on the original PC discs and installation seems to have gone fine.


Has anyone encountered this and found a solution. I've attached a few screenshots below. Thanks in advance!





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Is there any way to install the widescreen mod without having the expansions?
Yes. Readme:
The Widescreen Mod allows Planescape... Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal,
Not that it has been checked to be a guaranteed. Erhm... no, the readme also states that:
This mod will work on BG TotSC... (BG and IWD without expansions do not work)
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Yeah, not sure how I missed that in the documentation since it's so plain. This makes me sad, but I'm sure there's a good technical reason why you have to have the expansions. Thanks for your help guys!
Well it has to do with the baldur.exe, and counting the exact place the bit's need to be changed on it... the expansion uses updated file... so no one cabable has counted the vanilla one.
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