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Lordy, what a great NPC.


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Just thought I'd dash off a note of appreciation. I picked up Angelo in my party on a whim, in a game where I was already planning on a different romance, and found his attitude so amusing and refreshing that I started a new game to romance him (I'm one of those people who plays through SoA with five different parties at once, heh.)


Because, what can I say? There's just something compelling about a guy who knows what a prize he's not. :D


Early tone-setting encounters = also awesome. I like the way you front-loaded them - giving us such a wonderful introductory cross-section of the deficiencies and also the oddball dignity of his character

(getting sardonic about the education level of assassins sent to kill him...)

And "Imogen" was a hoot. I also have much praise for the low-key, canny references and vernacular. The tentacle monster story in particular is a real coffee-spitter.


Anyway, kudos all around.

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Heh, when I coded the mod(feels like a million years ago), I kept nagging SisterV that fourth-wall breaking and Japanese-anime references were bad, bad, bad(but coded them all anyway). Funny how people change: now the tentacle story feels to be one of the funniest bits in the mod. Well, and Imogen. And bathroom curtains in Kozakura. :)


Make sure you play ToB: SisterV's a genius there. The dream talk in paricular is a jewel.


Have fun playing!

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Thanks so much! And sorry for the super late response ^_^


You know, there are many things I'm embarrassed about, regarding the writing; it was so long ago after all. Still, the finished product seems to have something going for it, I'm extremely grateful that people are still enjoying it. And I'm extremely grateful of course to Kulyok for coding it!

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I've gotten a little ways into the romance. Just got the party to Spellhold, and I always take Yoshimo for that, and I CTRL-I'd a few banters just because I hadn't given him much time to chat with Angelo, and got the cherry blossoms dialog just as they wandered around the asylum... good timing, and, oh, well done.


And Imoen's reaction was devastating... particularly

the part about the nightmares and where she initially thought him to be a nasty hallucination...

. I often take along Imoen for plot reasons but usually find that her angst comes off as whiney rather than compelling. But that was a great piece of immersion and it follows chillingly well from what she's been through... I'm playing a character who is none too morally dainty herself, but you managed to evoke serious guilt pangs there.


(Which is praise, btw. I enjoy a good gut-punch. Why else would I always take Yoshimo?)


As a writer myself, I make the following observation: we often tend to become embarrassed, over time, by things we wrote in a more "raw" fashion (emotionally or otherwise) than we might choose to do today. And that is often exactly what makes a piece of writing really stand out. There are many authors whose early works have a greater following than their later works for that reason. So don't dismiss your "juvenilia" out of hand. :-)



Edit: and AHAHAHAHAHAHA at the Ship of Theseus paradox. Win.

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You know, I think you're absolutely right. Just today I was looking at some of my stuff from late middle school (middle school, I say!) and thinking, jeez, I wish I could still write like that. Obviously not in its entirety, but old stuff can contain surprising elements, perhaps like the hints of flavor in aged cheese or cigars. Anyway, thanks again!


(p.s. it's been so long since I played or read the thing myself, I couldn't remember where I did anything with that paradox--but now I think I do! It's with the beholder in the Sahaugin city, amiright? Though I still can't remember exactly what he says)

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