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Applying a damage bonus to a specific element


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Is there a known method of applying for example, a +15% bonus to Cold damage using only item effects on a non-weapon item?


There's a ring I see in lots of mods, Kontik's Ring of Wizardry that wants to provide the above bonus but it seems to use the Attack Damage Modifier (opcode 73) which if I'm reading the IEDSP right does not specifically affect Cold damage :p


Can Damage (opcode 12) with Cold typing be used here? I haven't seen an example of opcode 12 being used in item effects though (only abilities)


Thanks for any insight into this :)

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Ah sorry about not mentioning it before :p I was asking about the BGII-ToB engine. Google tells me that the item is apparently found in IWD (and apparently was directly imported into said mods :D)


Ah so nothing in the vanilla game to get them working as intended yeah? :( Wouldn't be ideal to have a mod depend on ToBEx for a single item.


Ah well, thanks for the help guys :cheers: Might have to make reports about this now :p

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Might help if you give a bit better description of what you want to do there, Lol :p. Normally a cold damage modifier would be an on-hit bonus using a cold opcode on a weapon. But you want to damage someone with something on a non-weapon or what? Kind of hard to see how that sort of bonus would be applied (unless it be a wand or such, in which case a spell or similar type of effect is used).


People diss the Infinity Engine a lot but it really is surprisingly flexible, if somewhat flaky at times.

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A better descrip it is then :D The ring(s) in question are apparently all called the same :p


Actual item descrip is to the effect of this:


Kontik, a powerful wizard in the service of Auril, claimed this ring from a defeated enemy wizard, Nill the Infernal. An archmage who specialized in fire magic, Nill created the ring over a period of five years. The powerful item aided Nill in his far-ranging travels. Unfortunately for Nill, it did not protect him from Kontik’s powerful minions and spells. It is constructed of an extremely unusual grayish-white metal called tungsten.




Armor Class: +2 bonus

Saving Throws: +2 bonus

Magic Resistance: 10%

Doubles the amount of all spells a mage can memorize

All cold damage inflicted by the character is increased by 50%.

Only usable by:

Mage (Single, Dual-, and Multi-)



The bolded effect is implemented like this:




Don't think it works as intended :p So how do you properly implement that effect? (using vanilla opcodes and hopefully without resorting to EFFs :D)

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