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Hi everyone,


My name's Enrique, I'm writing from Madrid in Spain, and this is my first post here.


Yesterday I bought the D&D bundle from GOG.com and decided to mod BGI&II, following the tips in a Destructoid article. I haven't been able to do it yet, due to what seem to be inter-mod compatibility issues. I've given up on some of the most elaborate stuff (I don't really need the fan-made content, although it'd be nice to have the Unfinished Business patches for both games, and the widescreen mod seems I can live without), but even at a very basic stage I have that kind of trouble. After installing both games (to a folder outside "C:\Program files"), patching BGI with its fixpack and text update, patching BGII with this fixpack and then installing BGT-WeiDU, I tried to install the tweak pack and the Windows console only popped up for like a second, seeming to do nothing (which seems to mean that there's a conflict with something I've already installed, if I'm not mistaken). So I uninstalled the fixpack, then tried to install the tweak pack again, and sure enough, this time did it. Only now I try to install the fixpack, and the same happens, which seems to mean that they are mutually exclusive. Are they, and I am supposed to know this? In this case, just excuse my faulty research. If it isn't supposed to happen, I would like to know how to solve it and get both installed, since the fixpack's fixes seem to be rather important but I also want the tweak pack, mostly because of the ability to stack items, among others.


Thank you for reading :)

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No, those mods are not mutually exclusive. Your problem may be the result of the installer having trouble auto-updating. You can manually update by deleting the mod's setup-modname.exe file, and copying one of the other mod's setup-modname.exe files and renaming it to match the original.


You should still install the Fixpack before the Tweak Pack.

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