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Item Upgrade v5 Now Available

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The Item Upgrade for Icewind Dale mod is a modest collection of upgrades for various items throughout the game. Reading through the item descriptions, the developers really took a lot of time to give many items an elaborate backstory. In many cases, I felt that an upgrade was a chance to tell a bit more of the story.

v5 Changelog

  • A long overdue repair to the Russian translation (thanks for your patience prowler)
  • Fixed some typos in the item descriptions

v4 Changelog

  • Vexed Armor can now be upgraded to the "safe" version if the party learns the true name of Vexing Thoughts after getting the armor
  • Removed conversable flag for the Gnomish Tools in IWD-in-BG2 games
  • Patch to make Mystery of the Dead protect against the divine version of Finger of Death now only applies to IWD-in-BG2 games

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I have a problem with the Yeti Hide Armor. Once I recieve it from Orrick the game crashes whenever I try to access the inventory and I get the following error message:


"An assertion failed in Clcon.cpp at line 162"


Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Is it something I'm doing wrong?

This mod was programmed for the non-EE version of the game. It probably just needs a few updates.

EDIY: Correction, lots of updates.

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