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gemrb the building process


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let me start by saying which most have already said and what I believe have experienced.


This is ground breaking in evolution of building game engines that no longer need to be specifically developed for a platform. Build it for the gemrb and it can run anywhere.. I.E. an emulator or virtual macine or application if you will.


With that, I have been plagued with trouble building the gemrb clone over the past few nights and I am hoping those that have been successful can share their methodology of how to do this, or more directly, what I did wrong.


In short, I am running windows 7 64 bit and have installed cmake, python 2.6, minGW, minGW both libs, GIT, setup enviroment with provided cmd files on gemrb wiki.


I was able to fetch gemrb source and sync, but when it came to building...


I ERROR OUT with Error 1, missing python libraries and include dirs, require at least 2.3. So it seems I am missing or do not have the correct python libs to complete building the gemrb.


Suggestions are greatly appreciated so that the miss's and I can get back to that other wonderful world where the evil corporate managers and like or customers do not exists..if you know what I mean :) (we just finished BGII a second time)


Not to side track my post from my error above and seeking help, although I had to ask those in the know. Is it not possible to compress the gemrb build into one file to be downloaded and then uncompressed for each specific platform? Why must one go through the 8 step process on gemrb wiki?


Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge.


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Make sure that you install also development (header, *.h) files of python — maybe only the libraries are included in what you have.


You can't make a build that would automagically work everywhere, but if you give up, we have a buildbot up much of the time, compiling each revision we make (buildbot.gemrb.org).

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