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Polymorph Other


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So I just started a new game using SCS II and in the first fight with the ogre mage I noticed that if you use polymorph other to turn him into a squirrel that he still casts spells and uses sequencers on your party after he has been turned into a squirrel. I'm not 100% sure, but it looked like he was using his normal attack instead of the squirrel attack as well.


To check what the normal scripts were doing for this enemy I uninstalled SCS II and turned him into a squirrel again and he started attacking for lower damages and not casting spells.


I sort of thought that the point of polymorph other was to completely incapacitate the opponent at the risk of losing their equipped weapons / armor. It doesn't seem like that is happening however.


I had both smarter general AI and smarter mages installed, so I'm not sure which caused the problem here.

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That ogre mage doesn't use spells on a non-SCS install. If you try with someone who does, you'll find that they still use spells even when , whether or not SCS is installed. This is an original-game oddity that SCS doesn't modify.

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Spell Revisions heavily tweaks Polymorph Other and among other things it makes the polymorphed target unable to cast spells (using boto 100% spell failure and disable spellcasting button). Old Tactics-like AI would still be able to cast spells by "forcing" them, but afaik SCS never does it.


@David, on a side note, considering you're working on a new SCS version, are you still interested in adding specialist Transmuters? I seem to remember you discarded them because of the lack of PfMW-like spells and spell removals, but with SR you should be able to work around both things.

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