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Error: Unable to find DIALOG.talk (Please help)


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I purchased BG2 from GOG and installed it. Then I tried installing the widescreen mod. Here's the error I got:

[C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Baldur's Gate II\setup-widescreen.exe] WeiDU version 22900


ERROR: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in:



Please run this program in your infinity engine game directory


Fatal Error: Failure("Unable tio find DIALOG.TLK")


Press ENTER to ext.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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First, thank you so much for the lightning quick reply!

Second, I downloaded the file. Moved it to my BG 2 folder. Ran the .exe, and still got the error.

Do I need to install the fixpatch first?

Well, you first of all need to avoid the Windows stupidity, by installing the game to a non-Program Files -folder, like say: C:\GOG.com\Baldur's Gate II\ , and when you are installing the mod, you need to know what you are doing, the "widescreen-v3.05.exe" is not the execution file but just the extraction file, and you need to extract the files like the "setup-widescreen.exe" into the game folder either by running the .exe and directing it to extract there or extract the file with WinRAR or other tools, and the run the said .exe file. You probably extracted the file to a wrong directory.
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