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Every hit deals maximum damage in BG2


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Hi! I recently learnt about GemRB and decided to install it in order to enjoy my old games. I then installed the BG2-SoA data with the unshield method and few mods with WeiDU.


I started a new game but after few hours I realized that my damage rolls seemed to be more derterministic than truly random (and I should not be so lucky in rolls).


The game difficulty level was set on "very easy" (probably because my baldur.ini had no "difficulty level" line... actualy no line at all) so I thought it could be the reason. Unfortunatly setting the difficulty to normal and even adding a line "Difficulty level=2"to my baldur.ini then restarting GemRB hasn't solved the situation. I even tried to uninstall/reinstall the game with the same mods (so my saved games would still be playable), I still have the same problem.



Here's a more detailed information:

  • GemRB : GemmRB v0.7.0 git (that is what is written on top of the option menu in game)
  • OS : Ubuntu Precise Pangolin
  • Game : Baldur's Gate II - Shadow of Amn (french version)
  • Problem : My party members' attacks can result in critical misses, misses, hits, critical hits, but when they hit, they always deals the maximum damage (weapon+modifiers). Enemies' damage rolls seem completly random.
  • Patch and mods : As I installed the game with unshield, the bioware official patch launched with wine wouldn't find the game so I installed the game and patched it on another computer running on Windows XP, then copied those new patched override folder, dialog.tlk, dialogf.tlk, chitin.key, bgmain.exe and bladur.exe to other computer (was this stupid?!?). I then proceeded to install BG2fixpack, correcfr (french text corrections), Chloe NPC, Lucy The Wyvern, and Unfinished Business with WeiDU-linux. The saved game was created with this configuration. After faling to solve my problem, I decided to reinstall the whole game (again using unshield) without "patching" it (was this wiser?). I then reinstalled the same mods (for saves compatibility).
  • Difficulty level : It was certainly set on very easy from the begining of my game. When I realized it, I set it to normal via the option menu, but it kept reseting to very easy. Adding "Difficulty level=2" to my baldur.ini prevented the diffculty level to be reseted at each BG2 launch, but the problem is still here and killing enemies is still too easy.

I can't about other information which could be relevant to anyone who might help me solve this.

If you need a gemrb.log, well, I never get any. Do I need an option when launching gemrb? (I just type "gemrb -c baldursgate2.cfg" in a terminal from the game directory).


Thanks in advance,




And, oh, yeah, I also modified the pictures.2da file in the GemRB override/bg2/ folder so I can select my custom portraits directly when creating a new character, but I guess it can't be related.
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Nice elaboration, but the problem is very simple. If you compiled gemrb yourself, please use the latest (version would say 0.7.1-git). If you haven't, I think this was fixed by the time of 0.7.1 too, so you can install a package.


To just fix it temporarily, select your character, open up the ingame console (ctrl+space) and type sps(IE_LUCK,0) # and enter and close it again.

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Thank you for you answer, lynx!


It looks like your temporary solution worked fine (I have not checked that the long sword which I have given to Minsc does uniformly random damages between 12 and 21, but at least it's not always 21 anymore - though I might make a kind of spearing partner ".cre"... harmless but full of HP then "CreateCreature()" it for a sadistic statistic test). Do I need to do the same with IE_DAMAGELUCK ?


For the version of GemRB, Synaptic actualy says that it is 0.7.1-1~getdeb1.

Anyway, the wiki on germb.org seems to give understandable instructions to compile the program so I'll download 0.7.1-git. No more excuse for choosing the lazy install!

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Actually you can stop worrying about the packaging.

I had indeed compiled and installed GemRB a few months ago and last week I have installed the getdeb one with Synaptic. I thought it would uninstall the previous version. It didn't. I'm quite new with linux and still ignorant about all these "apt-get", "build", "make" and so on. I've now managed to "make uninstall" the 0.7.0-git version that was still called by typing gemrb in terminal. I'm so sorry for this mistake and I hope that I didn't prevent you or anyone from finding sleep last night!

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