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PlaySound() in BG1 (with TotSC)


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I've BG1+TotSC and have two problems/questions.


This PlaySound thing seems to work with effect EXPLOSIO for me (although the explosion sounds a bit different in the game than in DLTCP), and it doesn't seem to work with any other sound effects that are played by e.g. DLTCEP.

For instance, I tested it with EFFP22B and ACT_08 and with some other effects, and no success. Is this only my local problem or something that has to do with PlaySound?


Other question: I'm wondering how to decide if e.g. a sound is in original BG1 or in TotSC? I've both installed.

if the TotSC CD doesn't contain the file then it must be original BG1 otherwise it's TotSC. But how to open BIF(s) from the TotSC CD and search for files effectively?

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