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Cant display green circles (NPC Markers)


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Hello everyone, I am a huge Fan of this game since I was a tennager...( NOT ANY MORE!!) sorry in advance for my english I am from Argentina.


I wanted to know if there is any solution to this problem that I have with my game. I am playing my old copy of BG2 and for some reasson the NPC markers are not showing...

I am playing the game in a new computer, with win 7 64 bits. The problem only occures ing BG2 because in BG1 this problems does not exists.


I also downloaded a new original copy and install all the BGT mods, its great to play in full resolution and all the staff... but the problem still persists.. I DONT SEE THE GREEN MARKERS!!! it is annoing because I was used to play in that way... no its imposible to see tiny creatures at the map...

Is there any solution to this problem? does anyone had the same problem?



A final note is that the "Game Options" are correctly set to max data in this aspect. Marker feedback and locator feecback.

Thanks very much!


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Weidu.log's content. Well, the usual reason for the green marker not to show up is that it usually needs the game to be paused and that the area might have an overlap to the marker, as it's handled via layers of pictures and one color being transparent.

The reason for the Weidu-logs content is the BGT-weidu's version...

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Sorry I dont understand... When I played BG 1 ans BG 2 in the past I always saw the green, red, yellow, blue circles in ALL the NPC and creatures... and for some reason sinse I play BG2 in win 7 (BGT and BG2 normal) it stop showing the content...


Its something very strange because all the rest of the games works perfect... but its annoying because I cant detect the creatures or the NPC correctly. It was always usefull to see the RED cricles bellow the hostile enemy.

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