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Different stup.tra file for parts of the setup.tp2?


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I want to integrate a stand-alone mod into an existing one. The problem is, that the setup.tp2 uses tra numbers that are already taken by the big mod - and I really do not feel like renumbering by hand.


Is there a way to include the exising setup.tra of the stand-alone mod to be used for compilation if integrated into the big mod, like USING for .d and .baf? Or any other good idea how I can minimize the work (and potential error source)?

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Thank you for the suggestion. But I had bad experiences with this feature in the past (traifying strings that where actually code etc.) so I was hoping for something more general where I don't have to edit the existing files of the smaller mod at all.

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If you absolutely *have* to, you should be able to use USING to switch out .d and .baf - but not for .tp2.


COMPILE sourceFile list USING traFile list


This command compiles D and BAF source files. If sourceFile is a directory, all D and BAF files within that directory are processed individually. First, this loads all of the traFiles presented. If any of their paths contain %s, the %s is replaced with the languageDirectory of from the Language the user selected. If you specified AUTO_TRA mymod/%s above, WeiDU will also attempt to load mymod/languageDirectory/sourceFile.tra for every sourceFile in the list. Once all of the TRA files are loaded, the D and BAF files are compiled. Any DLGs or BCSs they create or modify are placed in the override directory.


The only way I can think of to do this with .tp2 is ask the bigg to change the parsing behavior, which I don't recommend, or follow CamDawg's approach. Or, manually add an extra several numerals to the source and .tra -


go from @1 to something like @10000 in the original files.

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If you don't edit the files of the smaller mod you'll probably have to edit the files of the bigger mod. The simplest solution might be to do a search/replace in the .tp2 and .tra, replacing @ with @99999 or something similar that will guarantee everything will be out of range of the references used by the other mod.

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