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Missing NPCs

Ishad Nha

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Missing NPCs in BG2


Biggest single hassle of BG2 is the problem of the NPC who is not where he is supposed to be.

One case is Keldorn not being found at AR0903: Order of the Radiant Heart. This call works initially:


You immediately go there and you find him there. Wait for a few days however and he is nowhere to be found. Sounds like he is not being added to the AR0903 script or file or whatever. Maybe the Gam file needs to be altered?

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Offhand, no I can't think of a simpler way to reproduce the problem.


Solution, workaround, for Keldorn is to use CreateCreature when in AR0903 to summon him. Dialog starts from the beginning once again, he tells you what he first says in the Sewers. Tell him you don't want him, then he goes to his normal place in AR0903. You can then go add him to the party.

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