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Ease of Use multi class grandmastery doesn't work


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Hi all,


I dusted off my BG2 box and installed it.


Order was:


SoA, ToB, Official Patch, Baldurdash Fixpack,


Mods_ Ascension, Tactics, Stuff of the Magi, Solaufein, Valen, Ease of Use, Item Upgrade, Dungeon Be Gone


anyway the mutli class grandmastery isn't working. What gives?

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Ouh, why would you ask something like this in the BG2 Tweak Packs forums... naughty, naughty... as none of those mods have anything but stones to do with G3's mods. :D

The forum for this question should be in is the Pocket Plane Group's EoU forum. Of course the mod is so old that it might not say implicitelly that it didn't allow the multi class characters to have the grant mastery in it's read me, if you read that at all. Edit, ahh, yes, it has the Multi-Class Grand Mastery component, the question comes, did you actually install it.


Erhm, the Baldurdash Fixpack is actually a mod.

So somewhat more recent mod install list would include The BGII Tweak Pack from here instead of the Easy of Use, the G3Fixpack instead of the Baldurdash Fixpack, and the SCSII with or without the Ascension(install this before the G3Fixpack) instead of the Tactics and Dungeon Be Gone... but what ever.

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