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Melissan is HUGE!


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Well, the fact that you have faced the other Bhall Spawns ... one for example was actually a dragon in the shape of a human didn't give you a hint ? And some, like the orcs in the first circus tent in the Waukeen's Promenade can hide their orc presence even after going to hostile as peasents, as there's illusionary magic involved.


Yes, all the magical and intellegent creatures can shape change to humans and take a lot of other forms if they have enough power... this was actually established in the pop culture of yesterdays. Mermaid, the Djinn in the Aladin etc. They take a familiar kind(human-like) of form to lure the humans to do their bidding.

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But you haven't actually consumed any essence. Remember: the whole point of the plot is that dead Bhaalspawns' essence collects in the Abyss where Bhaal (or in fact, Melissan) can absorb it; you don't get it yourself just by killing Bhaalspawn.

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I'm assuming that Jarno Mikkola meant what I already assume - Mellisan and the rest weren't human to begin with. There were dragons, fire giants, etc. They can use illusory magic. We don't know what Mellisan was, but she's clearly not human, or not entirely. The absorbing of Bhaalspawn essence had nothing to do with her "size" at the end - she was just finally revealing her true visage.


Remember that others WERE human. Ilasera, Gavid, and others. But not Mellisan.


Hope this helps. :)

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Melissan just wanted to make sure you, the protagonist, do not get your greedy little lethal paws on "her" essence.

Que show true form, now die Bhaalspawn. Sadly it never works out quite as they planned, does it? Silly villains and their "failproof" diabolical schemes.

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