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Solution needed ~ Shapeshifter Mod


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Greetings everyone and well met!


I am currently working in my first ever IE mod. The mod is called Shapeshifter REDUX and it is an attempt to restore / reblance the shapeshifter druid kit. The project is almost finished save a few details. One of these "details" and the reason I decided to ask for your help is the following:


My kit contains a new HLA table for the shapeshifter. These new HLA give the Greater Werewolf form a rage-like ability and a warcry-like ability. To use these spells/innate abilities the player must first shapeshift into a G. Werewolf. Now my original intent was for the player to be able to use these abilities three times per day, which is the max num of times you can select the ability from the HLA table. The problem is the mod is constructed in such a way that everytime the player changes to the G. Werewolf form, this change/spell resets the aforementioned abilities to their initial maximum values.


e.g. The player has chosen the rage ability 3 times from the HLA table so he can use it three times when in werewolf form. After those three charges have been used by the player the ability is no longer available through the special ability menu, BUT, if the player shapeshifts into werewolf again, then the rage ability appears again with three charges.


I would like to know if there is a way for these abilities to show in the special abilities menu, only when in werewolf form, and to be independent from the shapechange spell.



Thanks everyone in advance,


P.S. I attach my work so far, feel free to test and comment.


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