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How to Add Portraits to Non-Joinable NPCs

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I know this is probably somewhere within another guide, but i can't find the information by searching or by using google to search other sites as well. I am new to modding, but i have been messing with modding some very minor things and trying to learn how to use WeiDU mods.

Anyway, I have been trying to figure out where and how to add portraits to non-joinable NPCs, similar to Bodhi, Ellesime, and the Bhall Spawn in the stardard game. Does anyboby know where these files are located and how to attach them to the creature files without using Shadowkeeper?

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It's the same procedure as for changing playable characters' portraits: you put the new image in the Override folder and give it the appropriate name for that character.


As for determining the name of the file, you'd have to use DLTCEP: Edit Creature > Load Creature, then type the name of the character you're looking for into the search field. Then look at "Icons & Scripts" and you should see which image file is assigned as their portrait.


The names of the files should be similar to joinable NPC portraits. If the character is present in SoA, it'll be N followed by their name or part of their name. For example, Ellesime's portrait is called NELLE, followed by L, M or S, depending on which image size you want. Characters who only appear in ToB don't have the N prefix: for example, Balthazar is simply BALTHAZ (again, L, M or S). Fortunately, as these are non-joinable NPCs, you'll only need the S format, since there's no situation in which the larger formats would be used.


I don't know whether you can do this for characters who don't have a portrait already assigned to them, though.

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You can assign a portrait to a creature by writing the names of your portrait bitmaps to the appropriate offsets in their .cre file:

0x0034 8 (resref) Small Portrait (BMP)

0x003c 8 (resref) Large Portrait (BMP)


Example WeiDU code:


COPY ~mymod/cows.bmp~ ~override~ // small cow portrait

COPY_EXISTING ~cow.cre~ ~override~
WRITE_ASCIIT 0x34 ~cows~ // assign small portrait

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