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Advice on kit design


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Hello, I'm working on a Ranger kit. It looks like this right now:



*No armor

*No missile weapons

*No spellcasting

*No dualclassing

*No charm animal



*Backstab, sort of like the stalker but with an extra multiplier (Lvl 1: x2, Lvl 9: x3, Lvl 17: x3, Lvl 25: x5)

*Stealth keeps improving after lvl 13 with +20% every three lvls (at lvls 16, 19, 22, 25 and 28)

*Can reach 5 proficiency stars in all swords and daggers, but only 1 star in other melee weapons (0 stars in missile weapons)

*Looses some fighter HLAs (both WW attacks, both Deathblows, War Cry) and gains some thief HLAs (both Evasions, Avoid Death, Assassination)


I'm making this without actually making any custom .spls, only using those already in the game.


So I'm asking these questions:


1. Is it too overpowered? If not, would it become too overpowered if I added the Kai ability and the speed bonus from the Kensai (but not the attack/damage bonus)?


2. Is Armor Class going to be a problem? I was thinking about adding an AC bonus progression like the Swashbucklers, but I thought that might be too overpowered.


Appreciate any input.

Best regards


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