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TBGCoM: Introduce A New Mod Armin Kasun

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We are proud to introduce a new mod in the works, Armin Kasun. Armin Kasun is a warrior from north of Amn who offers his services to anyone willing to pay him enough. He does not bother to hide the fact that gold is his primary motivation, but once paid, he claims to be completely loyal as a member. Armin is typically good-natured, able to work (on his part) amiably with most anyone, intelligent, and reserved, though he sometimes may be a bit more friendly towards female characters (employer excepted) than he should be. He will also have the ability to make some items, though certainly not in the bizarre style of Jan. He can be romanced, if the PC tries hard enough, yet doesn't overly annoy him. Armin can be found in Athkatla shortly after you exit Chateau Irenicus.


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