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Spell Trap + Project Image + Detect Invisibility?


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Well, the "infinite spells" exploit is there anyway (even with the OC invisible) as long as you have two mages. Mage A cast PI, Mage B cast Spell Trap. Mage A image replenish Mage B spellbook. When Mage A image expire, Mage B cast PI and replenish Mage A. Even simply describing it makes me vomit, but there are players who actually loves cheating. :(


Btw, True Seeing and Detect Invisibility are party friendly, thus they don't dispel your own invisibility. Otoh, SR V4 version of these spells will allow the caster to target invisible creatures, making the exploit as easy as it originally was.


That being said, I'd like to point out the main reason behind making the original caster invisible when Project Image is cast wasn't to prevent the cheesy exploit (that was a really welcome "side effect"), but to make the spell more viable in non-cheesy uses. I wanted to make PI usable in a "fair" way, in the middle of the fight, as an improved variant of Mislead. Vanilla's version pratically forced you to use PI in cheesy ways because casting it during a fight was completely pointless (unless coupled with contingencies to protect the disabled OC).


SR V4 will continue to focus on that, making PI good in the middle of a fight, and hopefully making it less exploitable in the meantime (e.g. I'd like to force PnP rule that the image has to remain in line of sight of the caster). Spell Trap may be changed, and I might try to prevent the "infinite spells" exploit once again, but I come to realize that stopping "accidental" exploits is a good thing, while desperatly trying to prevent cheaters from cheating is futile.

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