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NPC Project and the Enhanced Baldurs gate


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I was just wondering if anyone was planning once Baldurs gate enhanced came out to adapt this project to it.... I know its impossible to know what will need to be done and it will probably take a while once the game is released but I would really miss the interactions and in particular Xan who I just fell in love with. Thank you so much for the mod and if its not possible I think Enhanced version will likely be shelved just so I can continue with this mod which I only discovered last year.... always late to the party.

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I believe cmorgan is way ahead of you. :)
Us, as in the generally the BG moding community in making the integrated BG2(BGT & EasyTutu's)'s mods into fully compatible with the BG:EE as it comes out of the door.

Of course he can't really give us an example ... cause he is forced to secrecy by his beta Tester status. Yeah, and that's Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition...

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As I commented elsewhere, of all the mods, BG1 NPC Project might prove the most difficult to make compatible, due to its complexity, BGEE changes and the sheer amount of insertions to existing dialogues. It will take a while to make compatible, and I think it's more than a one-man job, even if cmorgan does have the time and motivation to pursue it with alacrity, which I think we should not take for granted. The mod had a whole host of original authors and I don't think any of them are active anymore, sadly.

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Hey, someone likes Xan! (I like him too). Okay, from what I know, folks like CamDawg helped a LOT with the Enhanced Edition, so they know about the differences with dialog.tlk, file system, translation lines and such. Weidu/BiggDu(and the key to our mods) will adapt to the Enhanced Edition, when it is finally out.


Basically, the bottom line is this: don't rush to install any mods as soon as you grab the Enhanced Edition. Instead, visit the forum, read the announcements, grab the newer versions of the mods(provided with a new version of Weidu), and enjoy the game.


Edit: typos.

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