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Help wanted creating BAM files for spells


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Hello all,



Call me old-fashioned if you must, but I still rather enjoy playing the first Baldur's Gate in the original engine. (Although since recently with the widescreen mod, what an improvement! It's incredible what dedicated modders can do!)


For the past few years I've off and on trying to write my own little mods for it, and slowly learning the tricks of the trade while I'm at it. The past few weeks have been especially productive and my "little" mod just keeps growing and growing. Some of you may have seen it over on PPG, it's called "Made in Heaven".


I can't upload the file here as it is over 2mb in size, but if you want to check out what I cobbled together, I've temporarily put it here. Keep in mind that I'm still learning this stuff so there are bound to be plenty of bugs and other issues. It probably won't work with Tutu or BGT, though I haven't tried it. Also, it assumes that BG1 Unfinished Business is installed.




Anyway, I have one problem that I hope someone can help me with. I created five custom spells, but I absolutely suck at making BAMs for them, so I was wondering if someone would be so nice to do it for me. Or maybe someone already has suitable icons for them somewhere. The spells are:


Destroy Undead (4th level, destroys undead creatures in area of effect)

Iron Maiden (4th level, creates a Battle Horror to fight on your side for a few rounds)

Spark Shower (2nd level, 4d4 electric damage to area of effect, save for half)

Vitriolic Sphere (4th level, basically a stronger and longer lasting version of Melf's Acid Arrow)

Wall of Fire (4th level, identical effect to 5th cleric spell Flame Strike (that's the best I could do within the constraints I have))


What I need are BAM files for scroll-, casting- and spellbook icons (normally called spwixxxa,bam, spwixxxb.bam and spwixxxc.bam). Since it's for the original BG1 engine they need to be uncompressed and runtime length encoded, although I can do conversions from BG2 format if needed.


I can't offer much in return though. You'll get proper credit of course, and if there's anything I reasonably can do in return I will be happy to do so.

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