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You can help with BG2 Tweaks v10


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So, I've recently uploaded a new build to Github (internally labeled as v9.06) that I feel pretty good about as a v10 candidate. However, there's a major problem to be addressed: the armor lists for the thieving/arcane casting tweaks. Unlike just about everything else in the mod, these Tweaks rely on static lists of mod armor and shields to make changes. I had compiled these myself ages ago and they're pretty far out of date nowadays.


...which brings us to how you can help. I've posted a small mod/utility to help me gather information. Just run this on your modded BG2/Tutu/BGT install and it will gather descriptions and item files for me to re-build the armor lists for v10. It'll drop them all into a folder that you zip/rar and email to pcamagna@yahoo.com. It won't actually make any changes to your game, and doesn't need to be uninstalled.


Got a working BGT-DSotSC-RoT-SoBH-OMG-WTF-BBQ mega-mod? Awesome. Got a small BG2 with obscure-zip-file-from-Bulgarian-translation-site? Great. Tweaks tries to be universal and there's no conceivable way I can track down every armor/shield in mods.

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Item Revisions relies on a similar listing to identify mod armors for some of its components. Our list started as a copy of the one from BG2 Tweaks, and it evolved over time with player reports, including some listings from BWP runs. The latest code assigns each armor a type (leather, studded, hide, chain, splint, plate, full, other) and some properties: material (normal, mithral, scale), elven (y/n), allows thieving (y/n), allows spellcasting (y/n).


I've attached code for Cam that spits out the information from IR's listings and the listings from the BG2 Tweak pack in table format. (don't ask why we normally store this information in a byte)


IR's information is more up-to-date but it is still incomplete, so anyone who uses the utility linked in the first post to gather more information will be providing a big help.




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Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Dakk, Lollorian, and Micbaldur for sending in files. The armor/shield list has gone from about 500 armor/shields to over 1000.


Mike, let me check these against IR classing and then I'll send it along with my updated tpa.

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