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A question on romance


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Good evening, dear ladies and sirs!

From what I've read about Angelo, it is a must play mod.

It is, of course, my problem and not yours that playing this game as a female makes it much less enjoyable for me.

But. There is this line in Angelo's readme which states that I can ATTEMPT to romance him as a male (and this same word was earlier used to announce a romantic option for females). What does this really mean? That I will get some response but the attempts would lead nowhere, or that there would be something but not enough to call it a romantic relationship, or that there is indeed a hidden path with enough content to satisfy a male protagonist in case he happens to fall in love with Angelo?

Thank you)

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Turns out you don't have to start a new game to pick up Angelo, so I apologize for being too quick to ask the question. I know the answer now and while it was disappointing, the quality of the mod seems to be way above average. Thank you, Sister Vigilante and every person responsible=)

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