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IWD Mod Install Order Thread

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One more thing: Currently AB core components are preferred to Redrake Item and Spell fixes because Redrake overwrites content. Can you put some technical light (if you can) on the matter of installing Redrake Item Fixes and Spell Fixes (they will overwrite content) and then AB core fixes (they suppose to patch files instead overwriting them).

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Well, my mod does not includes AB core components and as Grog also changed stores, certain items, 2da files and added spells, I do not believe my mod is compatible with AB. Grog's fixes, yes, those are actually recommended, but the core changes, those might cause some issues regardless of my mod or others.

I suspect however (no testing) that if you install Grog's AB after my fixpack, there shouldn't be any issues.

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Most of these MOD's do NOT work for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on Steam. Aurils Bane will not install and many of the aspects for IWD Tweaks will not install, such as Cleric and Druid loosened restrictions on Multi/Dual class and Ranger and Thief sneak in heavy armor. I have deleted all content and re-installed the game several times trying different combinations and fixes. Nothing works.


EDIT: If you want to MOD IWD:Enhanced on Steam go here; https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/36477/list-iwd-ee-compatible-mods/p1

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Or you could do a bit of research and find out that the IWDEE game runs the almost exact BG2EE engine and ouh yeah, install the BG2 mods instead of non-EE IwD mods. Of course there's a few cases that the mods need updates, but that's a topic you can probably find in the games own support forum in Atari's official forums.

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