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Version 7 of Unfinished Business for Icewind Dale Now Available


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Like its predecessors for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, Unfinished Business for Icewind Dale aims to restore content and quests that were omitted from the game as shipped. The additional content in this mod is based on what I can piece together from various game resources and from talking with former developer JE Sawyer on the Obsidian forums. Version seven features two new components--The High Baptist's Flock and Restored Random Drops--a new German translation, an expansion of the Minor Item Restorations component along with some miscellaneous bugfixes.

v7 Changelog

  • Added The High Baptist's Flock component and, due to popular demand, the Restored Random Drops component
  • Expanded the Minor Item Restorations component with some unused high quality items, a few more random drops, and the Potion of Clear Purpose
  • Fixed a bug with The Voice of Durdel Anatha component with the Artisan's District. The umber hulk trap that reveals the Pale Justice sword should wait until the Voice has been laid to rest, but was instead not opening at all if you had previously visited.
  • Revisited the treachery detection for Presio's Duel to make it more robust
  • Fixed a bug with The Glory of Suffering armor, one of the quest rewards for The Voice of Durdel Anatha (thanks to Minttunator on the forums)
  • Added German translation (thanks Mike!)
  • Updated the French translation (thanks Anomaly!) and the Russian translation (thanks prowler!)

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It restores more or less anything that was removed from the table in HoW. I really didn't want to open the Pandora's Box of excluding items based on whether I thought they were overpowered or not, but I will helpfully walk anyone through the process of excluding them if they want. (Head down to line 750 or so of the tp2 and start deleting, really.)


(sees what you did there)

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