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BG2 Tweaks internal build v9.07


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Alright, so I've just pushed a new v9.07 internal build, codenamed "twirling towards freedom", up on Github. I don't think I've posted anything for the last four builds I've pushed up, so I've posted the changelog for the last four below since aVENGER posted about build v9.03 in another thread.


This is obviously a beta, but if you wish to take it for a spin, feel free:

  1. Grab the latest version via zip file or browse the files directly from my fork on GitHub (yes, I had to fork my own mod)
  2. Unpack the contents of the zip file into your bg2/Tutu/BGT/BGEE folder and rename the BG2_Tweaks-maintenance folder to bg2_tweaks
  3. Download WeiDU, unpack it, and rename weidu.exe as setup-bg2_tweaks.exe
  4. Install as normal by opening setup-bg2_tweaks.exe

The readme is up to date, though the changelog is a lot more verbose because these are still internal builds.


Translators, I'll do my best to keep the tras stable from here to v10 release, so if you want to start looking through for updates, feel free.


While this build is technically compatible with BGEE, WeiDU continues to struggle with the BIFFs in the current BGEE beta, so some components (particularly ones that regexp files) may fail.


v9.07, "twirling towards freedom"

  • Altered the greater werewolf item in Shapeshifter Rebalancing to close an HP exploit
  • For compatibility, the Multiple Strongholds variants no longer prevent the stronghold variable from being set
  • Went through and purged tra files of old and deprecated strings
  • Avatar Morphing Script and Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor (Galactygon) no longer install if Smart Avatar & Armour Switching from One Pixel Productions is installed
  • The library for extra regexp variables is no longer needed as the functionality has migrated to WeiDU itself
  • Expanded the armor list for the thieving and arcane casting tweaks thanks to the info tool; recoded the description updates slightly to account for a wider variety of armor variants
  • Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams is now skipped if Imoen Romance is installed due to compatibility problems
  • Made a lot of organizational changes to streamline the mod

v9.06, "lessons from the dale"

  • Remove Helmet Animations should be writing two bytes, not four
  • Icon Improvements will now use the common_armor_list library to generate its patch list of armor
  • Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor now uses more compact lists for copying
  • Force All Dialogue to Pause now uses the far-more-compact code from IWD Tweaks
  • Code cleanup for Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six
  • Two-Handed Bastard Swords, Two-Handed Katanas were recoded to generate their patch list on the fly.
  • Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P was recoded with lessons learned from IWD Tweaks; namely unarmored bonuses are now granted. Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor had to be adjusted as well.
    • To-do: The armor list needs to be re-generated. Release a tool for players to help gather information.

    [*]Wear Multiple Protection Items now generates its patch list on the fly

    [*]Higher HP on Level Up is a little more robust, a little more compact

    [*]ToB-Style NPCs works great with arrays, when they're not set up in an incredibly stupid fashion

    [*]Added functions.tpa so I could be lazy

    [*]Add Save Penalties for Spells Cast by High-Level Casters (BETA) now uses the updated version from IWD Tweaks. No longer patches spells w/o saves.

v9.05, "I voted for Kodos"

  • Rolled back 2da lookups for ToB-style NPCs for arrays instead. Kids, don't code when you're tired because you'll make poor decisions.
  • Also extended bard pickpocket table to 200/level 50 for armor/thieving, stuck in a library and re-used it for remove XP cap
  • Rechecked logic in happy patch not applying to BGEE, removed commented-out code
  • Rejuggled armor assignments in thieving/arcane armor tweaks so that I could have one library for both with no stray assignments in the tp2 itself
  • Updated header (webmaster@gibberlings3.net is now Kat's), removed cruft
  • Avatar morphing script was no longer AUTO_TRA'ing, so did it another way
  • BG1 walking speeds was missing Aerie since she starts as an ogre (this really should pick up polymorphs/avatar changes, but no one uses this component anyway)
  • Rolled back source change for xr2400/xr2600.are copies (changed to work in BGEE but chose an area file that doesn't exist in BG2)
  • Streamlined mod NPC script patching in Fate Spirit tweak
  • Tweaked setup.tra for bad line breaks in the DOS window

v9.04, "BGEE compatibility round one"

  • High level stuff to make the diffs go wild (don't even think of a merge this until I can play around on BG2/Tutu installs)
    • BGEE compatibility, which mainly meant adding a lot of conditional commands to account for lack of SoA items, string re-maps, and avoiding area regexps (don't know if it's WeiDU or a bad key reference)
    • Since I was doing it already for BGEE compatibility, tried to make the ridiculous ALLOW_MISSING block redundant by throwing in even more conditional arguments
    • Why did I think a Cam's House Rules GROUP was a good idea?

    [*]Added 'Fix Boo's Squeak', something I've been meaning to do forever

    [*]Avatar Morphing Script no longer leaves an unnecessary script in the override

    [*]Fixed pink highlight outline for elven chain in Icon Improvements. Also now distribute BG2 leather armor ground BAM since BGEE lacks it

    [*]Hakt and Maneira had ranged weapons equipped, so Exotic Items now swaps their melee weapon instead of making them dual-wielders

    [*]Allow Thief Skills and Stealth in Heavy Armor now adjusts the ranger stealth table to go up to 200, allowing very high level rangers to creep around in heavy armor

    [*]Added winter wolf pelts to Gem/Jewelry stacking

    [*]Added BG2FP copy of the Book of Infinite Spells to Sellable Items

    [*]Made some tentative readme changes

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Thanks for updating the mod! Note that it should be setup-bg2_tweaks.exe above instead of setup-bg2-tweaks.exe.

Well spotted, this is fixed.


Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams is now skipped if Imoen Romance is installed due to compatibility problems
Has anyone tried/fixed the BGT's issue with the component ? As it's been a big no no, forever on BGT installs.


That component has always behaved poorly. The original EoU component just compiles new scripts over the existing because there are sooooo many changes to them and it was brought in as-is for Tweaks. IIRC the compiles wipe out some initial variable sets from BGT--if someone can get me scripts from a clean BGT install I'll see what I can do. The files it wipes are newgame.bcs and cut01c-g.bcs.


And I should have mentioned, I'll continue to take submissions from the armor tool more or less forever.

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