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Quayle BG2 rewritten


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Hey! I don't know why, but I forgot to tell you that I rewritten the whole Quayle mod. It should be much better now.



Quayle ReDone v1.0 is released! It has been completelly changed! It used to have like 60 kb of dialogue, now it has like 200 kb. I'm sorry, but there is no Polish version for this one.

Polish players - if you wish to download the previous version, visit Children of Bhaal forums.





1 November 2012 - v.ReDone 1

- All dialogues have been rewritten, some were deleted and some were added

- New joining quest/circumstances

- Added new area

- Corrected all scripts

- Added homunculus research

- Fixed the items

- Better folder organization

- Fixed creature files and got new on-start ToB items

- Changed epilogue

- Proofreading of new the new text

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