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Strange feedback numbers in my first EasyTutu game


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Not sure where else to post this, so I'll post it here.


My characters in my first EasyTutu game (I have played BG1 before) seem to be doing too much damage. Bow damage in general seems too high, but I just saw a particularly startling example of high numbers: Imoen backstabbed a hobgoblin. She is a level 4 thief, using a regular old short sword, no magic items, no strength bonus, etc.


The to hit roll says "6 + 10 = 16 Hit"


+10? How is she getting a +10? I figure a +4 for the backstab, maybe a +2 for piercing against leather (if that's what he's considered to be wearing) but how on earth does she get a +10?


Then it says Backstab Damage Doubled, and then 18 damage. The hobgoblin gets chunked.


Again I am scratching my head. A shortsword does 1-6 damage. How can doubling that possibly result in an 18?


Yes I am using various mods (Unfinished Business, Miniquests, Indira, BG2 Tweak Pack, Tutufix, etc.) but none of them should affect a 4th level thief's to-hit and damage rolls as far as I know. Anybody know what is going on?




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If the character she attacked wasn't wielding a melee weapon, she would have gotten a bonus +4 to hit and damage.


That's interesting. Yeah they're archers. I recall seeing my characters using bows in melee get a to hit penalty, think it was -6. Didn't realize the enemy got a bonus to both to-hit and damage against them though.


As for my excessive bow damage, I think it is a combo of mastery plus gauntlets of weapon expertise plus composite longbow. I thought mastery in BG2 only did +2 damage, but maybe I installed a mod somewhere in there that put in the BG1 mastery bonuses, which would kick it up to +3.


Oddly I chose for Imoen to have her BG2 portrait in at least one mod, maybe two, but she doesn't have it.

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You do understand that the Attack roll is hardly related to the damage the creature takes, as it's the Thac0 vs AC roll, whil the damage is counted on the background. The 32 damage is easy to explain, if it's using a bow... the natural 20 is always double damage as it's a critical hit if the hobgoblin doesn't have a helm, and none of them do at the helm spot. the backstab is double damage and the +4 from the enemy bow... so that's 32=(x+4)*2*2... x => 4, so 4 damage out of 1d6.

The bows effect is +4 to AC and (+4 to) Damage taken.

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