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I picked up BGEE this morning. I've spent 5 minutes playing the game (and found 3 bugs) and 15 minutes browsing the game files. At first glance, not too much seems to have been changed.


There are a couple of new 2da files:

clasiskl.2da - skill points gained on level up?

clasthac.2da - class thac0 bonus?

EXTANIM.2da - animation related

EXTSPEED.2da - walking speed of each animation

FAMILIAR.2da - familiar summoned for each alignment

STARTBP.2da - starting information (for the black pits)

TBPPARTY.2da - the black pits related

thiefscl.2da - maximum thief skill points?


And a couple of new triggers

0x40DC AreaCheckAllegiance(I:Allegience*EA)

0x40DD IsTouchGUI()

0x40DE HasDLC(S:DLCName*)

0x40DF BeenInParty(S:Name*)


If you install the directshow filters available here you can view the movies in windows media player (or anything else that uses the directshow codes):

http://code.google.c...16.zip&can=2&q= (video)

http://xiph.org/dshow/ (sound)



Dorn's sword seems to have an entire secondary type all to its own.


Looks like the hard-coded BG1 projectiles have been moved out to PRO files.

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The animation related stuff is a big deal - custom animation slots.


Tilesets changed significantly.

If a tile is 12 bytes long (instead of 5120), then it is pointing to a structure:


long index;

long x,y;



Index is used to generate a pvrz name from the tileset name: [first char][3. char and above][index].pvrz

A pvrz is a compressed pvr file with filetype is 0x404.

pvrz first long is the length of the original gzipped content.

Ungzipped, you will find a pvr/3 file which has a header of 0x34 long, the rest is a bunch of dxt1 compressed pixels (though pvr files could have a hell of a number of pixel formats).

See this: http://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/docs/PVR%20File%20Format.Specification.1.0.11.External.pdf


There have been other filetypes with extensions 'sql', 'gui' and 'wbm'. WBM is the new movie format.

The sound format is changed to OGG.


There have been some tobex extensions implemented and other opcode changes.

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Found another few spare minutes:

There's a new GAM format (1.14).

0x400 11 new FNT files

0x402 1 new .gui file

0x403 1 new .sql file

0x404 tileset related?



I didn't note the ogg number, but it is neat to be able to play sounds directly in a media player :)


EDIT: And there's a new areaflag in the areaflag.ids: 5 PLAYER1CANDIE. I assume this is related to the black pits. I've not loaded up that section yet (or moved more than 10 foot away from the starting location).

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The .gui and .sql are text format. Extract them with dltcep, and you can take a peek.

I don't remember if i looked into the fnt. It is extractable, but i doubt dltcep will ever handle it as it is for fonts.


Yes, the area flag is to mark an area as "Arena".

Player1 can die there without death hand movie.

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Given that Beamdog released info on the original game's data files, is there any indication they might do the same for BG: EE?


Or maybe provide a list of the things they have un-hardcoded for modders to mod (presuming they did this)?

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The above list of 2da's gives some hint about what was unhardcoded. But this stuff might go on even now, with incremental patches.


The biggest thing is the unharcdoded animation slots.

and skill bonuses.


Even shadow keeper works on bgee, so you can guess how compatible is it :D

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Even shadow keeper works on bgee, so you can guess how compatible is it :D
You probably mean after installing this little add on ... - Or?

EDIT: OK, so the Shadowkeeper works in the BGEE's, as long as you copy the saves(folders actually) from your profile files to the game directory and then return them back to the profile, while keeping the file structure.

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