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Outstanding bugs

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Wolfweres are well-nigh invincible (ringwolf.itm)


Fixed and posted.



Haz and golem not appearing


Fixed this one as well. There are quite a few other bugs with Bodhi's Lair that occur while working for the Shadow Thieves, so I'll post them all up at once.

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Has anyone dug through the Bioware boards to see if there are any new bugs reported there that haven't shown up on the other forums?

It's a good idea, but... there are over 4000 threads (and 89 pages) of stuff in that forum. I'm not sure, logistically, what the best way to attack that would be. :)

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So... one muggy Texas night, I came across a list. A list so strong that it was actually five lists, all set on a path of evil and destruction. Looking around, I could find no escape--my fate was sealed. I was to battle with this list, and only one of us would be left standing as Master.


The hours passed, sweat poured from numerous pores, eyes strained to the breaking point, but, just before midnight, a victory was achieved. And it was mine. And it was sweet.




Uh... yeah, so I consolidated all the lists and standardized the formatting. I also congregated the fixed/not-fixed/discarded entries together.


On the chance that the original formatting is preferred, I did save a copy of that, just in case. :)


Now, if anyone decides to make a mess of the first post in an effort to unleash the list's inherent evil, be prepared to face the Linkmaster.

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Oiy vey! That's one massive list of red! *Rolls up his shirtsleeves*

Do people generally call "dibbs" on a particular bug to fix, or do you just fix it and let people know? I'm ready to tackle some of these and don't want to step on toes or spend alot of time doing redundant work.

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Since ice has been extremely good about keeping the first post updated, I cleared out all of the separate posts with bug lists since they've already been consolidated into the first post. Also updated the list with recent bugfixes.

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