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I stumbled across this project yesterday and decided I had to try it despite the "Windows only" status. Took several attempts but I now have it running on Ubuntu 12.10 under WINE. Notes below if anyone is interested, although there might be a better way of achieving the same goals (I didn't try Weinstall for example).


Install locations

I have /home/gate70/games mapped in WINE as the H drive.

IWD is installed in /home/gate70/games/iwd (H:\iwd)

BG2 is installed in /home/gate70/games/bg2 (H:\bg2)

IWD on BG2 will install to /home/gate70/games/iwdbg2 (H:\iwdbg2)


1 Download the IWD on BG2 file.

Right-click the downloaded file and under Properties > Permissions select Mark as Executable.


2 Run the IWD on BG2 file.

I extracted to /home/gate70/games/iwdbg2

It fails after the extract so I had to work out what to do next based on documentation here.


3 Copy the extracted files to /home/gate70/games/iwdbg2temp

This gives me an extract folder.

Required as iwd_in_bg2.bat cleared them out of the iwdbg2 folder mid install.

(I assume the Windows unpackage uses a temporary location which WINE can't handle)


4 Set WINE to a windowed mode. I used 800x600 on a 1024x768 screen.

Fullscreen install ended up with a blank screen after several minutes.

I then had no idea what was happening.


5 Open a terminal, navigate to the installation library and invoke the temporary copy of the script.

From the Terminal window type CD /home/gate70/games\iwdbg2

Type wine cmd /c /home/gate70/games/iwdbg2temp/iwd_in_bg2.bat

When prompted for the BG2 directory type h:\bg2

When prompted for the IWD directory type h:\iwd


6 Ignore the various "error messages" (below).

Fixme:msvcrt:msvcrt__sopen_s etc.

Fixme:d3d_surface : surface convert format etc.

These appear not to be essential.


7 After about 15 minutes or so you should get a series of SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED messages.


8 Edit /home/gate70/games/iwdbg2/baldur.ini.

Change the CD locations from h:\bg2\... to h:\iwdbg2\...


9 Start the game & check it.

Close it down.


10 Patch the game.

Make sure the installation directory is h:\iwdbg2.

WINE will probably hang at this point so has to be killed via the system monitor.

Run the setup-ice_tutu_tweaks.


11 Reset WINE to preferred resolution and fullscreen.


I've done most of the tasks in Easthaven, only issue I found with a party of new classes/kits is the Wild Mage was given 17hp at level 1 (16 constitution, no familiar). Will see if I can Shadowkeeper her back, and also look at the mods available such as Unfinished Business.

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Just to add, this has played almost perfectly so far (part way through the valley of shadows). I could have used a helmet on my monk which shouldn't be allowed until IWD2, and double hit points for a barbarian when I swapped an Avenger out of the party.


Very impressed with this conversion, and enjoying my somewhat unbalanced party.

Blugg, human male Cavalier dual wielding long swords.

Graah, halfling female Barbarian dual wielding axes.

Feyaef, halfling female Fighter/Thief longbow. Should be Assassin/Swashbuckler in hindsight.

Pinnh, elf female Archer longbow.

Sooey, human female monk.

Duhuc, elf female wild mage.

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