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changing dialogues and or actions


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please forgive my lack of modding skill and just plain ignorance but i would like to change the dialogues fo some npcs i have looked and looked, i can find some of the if this happens then go to here lines but i want to change the actual dialogues and or actions


its not a life altering need but just for something when you want to do things a different way


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After extracting the mod to your game directory, open up the RE folder. Each of the encounters has its own folder (e.g. Anne). Open up the .d file(s) in the encounter folder to edit the dialogues (e.g. RE_Anne.d). Back in the RE directory, open the English folder and find the appropriate .tra file to edit the text from that dialogue (e.g. RE_Anne.tra). After editing, save the files and (re)install the mod.

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