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Okay, the "Archived Fixes" forum is for posting fixes for inclusion in the fixpack. When a fix is done, cross it off the master listing please, so nobody else spends ages on the same thing.


As far as fixes go, try to keep as much in the TP2 as possible/sensible. As well as helping organisation, this generally means stuff is more compatible, because there's less temptation to overwrite files, etc. If you're not sure how to go about submitting something, just browse the forum and you'll get the idea.


I'd like to propose that we all aim for one fix per day. That's not a ridiculous amount, but with enough people working, stuff'll get done pretty sharpish.


Discussion of potential/submitted fixes should probably go here. Replies in the submission forum are just going to be messy.

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Upon reflection, the way I'd suggest we go about fix submission is as follows:


A new thread for every fix, containing the TP2 code. Attached should be any relevant files, which will be placed in a directory corresponding to their filename by whoever compiles the fixpack (D and BAF can probably go in DLG and BCS respectively). The TP2 code should account for this, and assume the mod directory to be something like bg2fix.


So, if I want to attach a fix in a D file, dialog.d, my post would be:


COMPILE ~bg2fix/dlg/dialog.d~


And I'd attach dialog.d to the post. Of course, that means we need attachment permission in the submission forum. :)

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