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[optional] String-Fixer for v6


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After updating SCSII I had the name & sound of Tyris (+Kova and Kiyone) reset or nullified, and ended up doing a clean new install anyway :)


Though it didn't help and I just built a tiny string fixer to correct this problem and thought that I might share it as well, seeing that am not the only person with that issue.


I even installed as last in the order or tried only very basic mods like fixpack & tweaks only, but the problem persisted. [in the end the culprit was "Fishing for Bugs" so a new campaign to get rid of that sh..]


Anyway, attached 2 files, the override version and the modified (installer-)source for whatever reason.


Hotkey is currently set to 'F' but it's easy to change it in ie Near Infinity. Once copied over to your override directory and ingame, select her and hit 'F'..enjoy the tiny cutscene and be happy to have her name and sound back thereafter *yay*


(or make a copy of the original "G#TYRIS.bcs" if you want to disable the hotkey again, typically the problem occurs only after installing stuff, that heavily modifies the dialog.tlk)


Sidenote: Awesome NPC mod



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