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Son of Imoen

BGEE modding-news?

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A question for the moderators and modders of this community:


Wouldn't it be nice to have a topic dedicated to BGEE modding on here as well as a Gibberlings3-topic on Beamdog's BGEE-forum?


Modding for BGEE is getting off the ground, but there's also a lot of questions on the side of players on which of their favourite mods are being worked on and what progress is made.


Concerning Gibberlings3-based mods, there's especially a want for the G3-tweakpack (which has already been made compatible AFAIK), the NPC1-Project (you are working on it I know), Sword Coast Stratagems (any news?), level 1 NPC's and Spell Revisions. But of course there's more mods that need loving attention to make them BGEE-compatible, for example the Divine Remix and Song and Silence mods.


My suggestion would be to create place on this forum where news on BGEE-compatibility is concentrated.

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I'm not sure how many people are playing it, but I'd say forums are dead enough that any BG:EE topic(like this one) is immediately picked on in General Mod Discussion, and all BG:EE news can easily go into G3 RSS feed. You could create a topic with a list of BG:EE-compatible mods and update it, though. (jcompton created a BG:EE category in the modlist, by the way - feel free to submit any BG:EE-related stuff).

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