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Teleport Field?


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First of let me say that so far I am really enjoying this mod. It has greatly increased the difficulty of the game, and I am having to think about each battle especially against any mages. I am only in Chapter 3 so I am intrigued about how difficult the dragons and the underdark will be. I am only wandering why does every mage cast teleport field I personally never use this spell, but I swear every mage I face cast this as soon as they get a chance should I expect this for the rest of the game. on a unrelated subject how come I cant hit enter and jump down a space when I am trying to type out in this forum. thanks

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Another question I have is if a mage or a lich cast Invisibility or simalucraum or something like that and protection from magic: Divination how do you get around that?


Wait until the mage is partially visible and then use antimagic attacks such as spell thrust etc, or try dispelling the SI:Divination if he isn't also using SI:Abjuration.

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