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Some notable changes in latest tweak release


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There are some serious changes in the game play compared to previous releases of tweak pack after installing current version.


1. I can find Keldorn in the Temple District sewers earlier than before where the Unseeing Eye quest has to be triggered! ..This is a serious and wierd change in terms of role play and lastly,


2. Earlier all the items dropped by enemies and left on the map usually disappear after 24 hours but now they stay for ever and still are found on the map.


(I have uninstalled game for fresh install unfortunately can't post weidu log )

BG2 tweak pack components installed:


Cosmetic Changes

  • Imoen Avatar Change
  • Nalia Avatar Change
  • Viconia Skin Color Change
  • Weapon Animation Tweaks
  • Icewind Dale Casting Graphics (Andyr)
  • Icon Improvements
  • Fix Boo's Squeak

Content Tweaks

  • Alter HP Triggers for NPC Wounded Dialogues
  • Improved Athkatlan City Guard (Andyr)
  • Add Bags of Holding
  • Shapeshifter Rebalancing (Weimer)
  • Bonus Merchants (Baldurdash, Weimer)
  • Female Edwina (Davide Carte, Wendy Yung, Weimer)

Rule Changes

  • Universal Clubs
  • Description Updates for Universal Clubs Component
  • Weapon Styles for All
  • Multi-Class Grand Mastery (Weimer)
  • True Grand Mastery (Schumacher, Weimer)
  • Remove Delay for Magical Traps (Ardanis/GeN1e)

Convenience Tweaks and/or Cheats

  • Identify All Items
  • Easy Spell Learning
  • Bottomless Bags of Holding
  • Remove Fatigue from Restoration Spells
  • Invisible Cloak of Mirroring / Spell Trap (Weimer)
  • Keep Drizzt's Loot, Disable Malchor Harpell (Weimer)
  • No Drow Avatars on Party In Underdark (Weimer)

Joinable NPC Tweaks = Change Korgan to Neutral Evil Alignment .


Install Order

1. TOBex installed

2. BG2 fixpack (Core + Optional But Cool: Party Gets XP for Sending Keldorn to Reconcile With Maria + Improved Spell Animations + Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day + Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes + Giants Receive Penalties When Attacking Halflings, Dwarves, and Gnomes + Remove Second Attribute Bonus for Evil Path in Wrath Hell Trial + Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior + Additional Script Fixes + Wizard Slayers Cause Miscast Magic on Ranged Attacks + Additional Alignment Fixes + Change Free Action to Protect Against Stun)

3. BG2 Tweakpack

4. Improved horns of valhalla

5. P&P Celestials

6. Divine Remix (Core + Cleric remix [original bioware kit changes + Silverstar of Selûne + Nightcloak of Shar + Holy Strategist of the Red Knight + Battleguard of Tempus + Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim] + ALL druid + paladin + ranger changes)

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