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[Fixed in v2] Compatibility with SCS & d0tweaks


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I've tried using this mod but its been quite a headache so far. While it does reset npcs to level one, and give them appropriate xp afterwards (if I pick that option), no matter how I configure it, the same issue occurs; most NPCs join without any initial weap proficiencies and have way too much HP after being leveled up. I think its a conflict with BG2 tweaks, but even disabling the possibly offending component didnt work. Only disabling LvlOne Npcs works well.


The problem is that while I never really cared for Level one NPCs, I very much care about backstabbing with two-handed swords :p My current concept is an Evil 2h F/T whom I want backstabbing with the Soul Reaver someday. This mod is the only mod I've found that offers this component, and its sadly only available if you install the core component, which messes up all the NPCs and forces me to Shadowkeep them back to normal stats. I've tried various things to try to get the backstab component to work alone, but without luck.


So my question is two-fold;


Does anyone knows how to ensure the issue plaguing me reguarding abnormal stats for the NPCs can be solved? OR Does anyone know of a mod that enables backstab to work on all weapon types, even if thats the only thing it does? I can manually fix weapprof.2da, but it appears backstab flags are quite more complex to enable on non-natively-thief weapons.


Any help would be appreciated either way.

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I've found a workaround to my issues. God I'm OCD I spent 5 hours on this. :p


I've ultimately uninstalled this, because I couldnt work around the issues, but found out that d0tweak, a mod I already used mostly for enhanced Goodberries (of all things) has a backstab-with-heavy-weapons component too! This one came with penalties, but they're all nicely moddable in a txt file. Preliminary testing shows I can hire non-bugged NPCs and backstab with Minsc-sized objects just fine.


Perhaps this will be of use to someone someday :)

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Joining without prof:

Seeing as initial prof are assigned at install time, and the rest after level up, I'm not sure what the problem is...


Abnormal stats:

I've never seen too many HP. Possibly related to a max HP component or difficulty I imagine, which could seem "abnormal" if you expect random-rolled HP-amount.

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I have seen the too many HPs a few times... it was with the SCS's Allow player to choose BG1 NPC proficiencies and skills (TUTU,BGT) -component, where the script was supposed to take care of it as it was ran after the joining. This is related to the proffs too.

They were supposed to have a 20 HPs and then the bonus was removed as the character leveled up. EDIT.

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The only solution I can think of is to add even more readme warnings not to use that SCS component with L1NPCs. Even the SCS readme recommends L1NPCs as a "more stable and powerful version" of that component. The backstab components should be compatible with the d0tweak components as well, but again, you should be aware of what you're doing if you install both.

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